Patricia Faraggi
One can hardly imagine a less typical career than that of Patricia Faraggi. Born in 1966 in the centre of France, she became aware of her vocation late, gave up her studies at the University of Paris and devoted herself totally to the piano.
Pierre Faraggi lui transmettra les secrets d'une tradition interprétative héritée d'Alfred Cortot, et nourrie aux sources de l'imagination et de la sensibilité.
Fascinated by Robert Schumann, as much by his work as by his human dimension, she has undertaken a discographic anthology dedicated to the great composer.

Although readily admitting the competence of her teachers, in particular at the Ecole Normale de Musique of Paris, she recognises for herself only one master : Pierre Faraggi, who also became her husband.

"The compositions of the great masters resemble vases ready to capture our emotions. We should embrace them without violence and lend to these visions of an imagined world the strength and warmth of our souls"

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