Pierre Faraggi "Musique pour clavier au XVIIIè siècle"

Henri de Bruyn:
"No cheating. No untimely pedal trying to conceal a weak phrasing… No weakness at all. Under his fingers music lives by itself with no unnecessary device. It is usually said that the 550 Scarlatti Sonata are all alike. Listen to them played by Pierre Faraggi"

REPERTOIRE october 1995:
"This very short recital allows us to appreciate a disciple of Alfred Cortot who knows how to give the last touch to sharpness and musicality"

DIAPASON september 1995:
"The Scarlatti Sonata and the Bach piece are the best moment of the record. By his clear and exquisite play, Faraggi gives them an interesting relief"

CONNAISSANCE DE LA MUSIQUE Letter to Pierre Faraggi april 1995:
"These works by the great harpsichordists of the XVIIth and XVIIIth century which are so often played in a cold and dry manner, acquire under your fingers an unusual poetic character"

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