Patricia Faraggi "Robert Schumann, le musicien-poete"

"Artist of month" 04/2000
"CD of month" 04/2000

Henri de Bruyn:
What is to say of a 34 year old artist, allowing herself to play the "Children's Scenes" without taking the tradition into account, choosing herself her tempi and thus defying the greatest ? No easy effect; no theme or virtuosic passage which is not enlivened by new nuances at each repeat. As Cortot used to say:
It is music which should not be played but dreamed !"

Schumann is not yet 30 when he reveals to us all the poetic richness of his piano music : ABEGG Variations OP1, Papillons OP2, Children's scenes OP 15, Arabesque OP 18, find a new originality in a new way of forming the sounds, modelling them as she likes and giving the work
a divine poetical dimension.
In this spirit, Patricia Faraggi invites us to take part in her interpretation of these works"

Germaine Buire:
"What an evolution, what an opening of her playing ! Her intimacy and complicity with Schumann are deeply moving"

Philippe Guézennec:
"With a heartrending sincerity, Patricia Faraggi ardently tells each one of Schumann's words, in turn gay, full of grace or thoughtful"

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